A traditional company, founded in 1937.

Since more than 75 years Willy Schank processes quality jewellery products in Idar-Oberstein.

Founder and namesake Willy Schank completed his apprenticeship as a gem cutter from 1923 until 1926. After some salutary years he earned his Master Craftsman’s certificate in 1937 and came in June of the same year to the decision to set up his own lapidary in Idar-Oberstein. The young company was able already in the founding year to hire an apprentice, but because of the war had to stop the production from 1939 until 1945.

In order to confirm it’s ground on the gem market Willy Schank specialised in 1952 on the processing of the Aquamarine. The blue gem with its facetted brilliant cut has become therefore part of the company logo.

In 1959 his daughter Doris Becker joined as commercial employee and took over the company in 1979. Until his death in April 1982 Willy Schank was able to hand over his complete knowledge and gave important inputs allowing the company to be lead successful into now the third generation.

Since 1986 Peter Becker, grandson of the founder Willy Schank, came into the business; he expanded the variety range of products with a large variety of calibrated series of goods, fine single stones and fancy cuts of all quality standards.

Today ‘Willy Schank e.K.’ (e.K. = german for: ‘registered merchant’) sells gems to jewellery factories, jewellers and goldsmiths worldwide.