A fascinating gem with a large spectrum of various shades of blue


Santa Maria Africana Aquamarin

The word aquamarine is derived from the latin expression aqua marina and means translated ‘sea water’. It associates the blue colour of the mineral. The aquamarine is a variety of the silicate mineral beryl and achieves its blue shades due to the divalent or trivalent ferric ions, it crystallises in a hexagonal form and demonstrates a hardness of 7,5 to 8.

In our lapidary we process all its colour shades from almost colourless until the highly demanded deep-blue of the aquamarine ‘Santa Maria Africana’ as well as its synonyms Morganite (rose), Heliodor (yellow-green) and Golden beryl (yellow).

The most well-known discovery locations for the aquamarine are territories in Brazil:  Minas Gerais, Bahia and Espirito Santo. Other discovery occurrences are in Madagascar, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria.

Aquamarine images